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Fertility Jewelry

Fertility Jewelry at Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
If you're trying to become pregnant, already are pregnant, or experiencing menopause, you may wish to consider this category of Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry.  My Fertility Jewelry offers a natural way to encourage fertility, healthy pregnancy and childbirths, as well as cope with the challenges of menopause.

Many believe that gemstones and talisman symbols have metaphysical and natural healing properties which encourage fertility, healthy pregnancy and childbirth, as well as assist with some of the symptoms of menopause.  This line of our handmade jewelry includes necklace, bracelets and earrings composed of gemstones and symbol charms or pendants specially chosen because of their influence in these areas of a woman's life.

Of special note are these gemstones:  moostone, jasper, coral, jade, hematite, rose quartz, pearls and opal.  Please reference our guides to gemstones to learn more about these gems and other which can be helpful.  Common symbols we use in our fertility jewelry include:  the Goddess, moon and sun, Kokopelli, and heart.
Other categories of our handmade jewelry may also contain gemstones that can be helpful in encouraging fertility, so we suggest you consult our gemstone guides .  Then you may want to browse our jewelry by gemstone.
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